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Coconut reduces risk of diabetes by improving insulin and blood glucose functions

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Camping at this fest this year. Gonna be so much more prepared and have a better set up…may even bring a camp chair- pure luxury

Quinoa + Chickpea burgers (GF) / Recipe

Anonymous asked: How did you get the thigh gap??

Hey there. I really need to update those photos so it focuses more on just being happy rather than the images of being ‘skinny’ that i focussed on when i had an eating disorder. In answer to your question, (i wasn’t aiming for a thigh gap once i got better),its just there purely from eating well. However, it should be mentioned that not everyone can have a thigh gap- it depends on your body. ┬áI don’t eat sugar and processed foods, i don’t eat ‘low fat’ products cos they have more sugar then the full fat alternative. ┬áIronically i was never as slim as i am now compared to when i was sick with an eating disorder. Just goes to show that if you nourish your body, it will love you back. I follow the life style that Sarah Wilson does. Google her. She is the path to health, feeling great, looking good and happiness!!